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Friday 22 June 2018
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Category: Whitewater Competition


2015 World Championships- Finals Day about to begin- Inside the Finals with EJ

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Road to the Worlds- The Biggest Hurdle- USA Team Trials


Sickline- World Extreme Kayak Championships- 2014


2014 Pan Am Freestyle Kayak Championships Wrap-Up- NOC

2014 Pan Am Championships Wrap- Up   Held at NOC- site of the 2013 World Championships- 6 countries competed.   Prelims: Women:...


Canada Cup- Ottawa River- Garberator Wave- Canadian Team Trials for Freestyle Kayaking

The World Championships on Garberator next year is becoming something that is a reality now…  The Canadians have hosted their Team...

Check out GoPro Games TV #1 show by AT&T

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Payette River Games- Day 2- Cut to Finals!

By Eric Jackson High scores happen here at KWP…. repeat of record this year? Lots of tough cuts to pair down for the finals on...

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Payette River Games Day 1:

By Eric Jackson SUP/Surf World Meets Whitewater Kayak World (Kai and EJ) SUP/Surf World Meets Whitewater Kayak World (Kai and EJ) BIG Days...


North Fork Championships-

By Eric Jackson Great Race to Watch- looked like an even better race to race! This year’s North Fork Championships was my first one,...


2014 GoPro Mountain Games Wrap Up… photos, video too!

By Eric Jackson Dane winning his first GoPro Games Freestyle Event 2014 GoPro Mountain Games will go down on the record books for many...