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Friday 22 June 2018
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Category: Fishing

Lessons Learned for Training/Competing in a River Bass Fishing Tournament

Tournament fishing, at any level, can be fun, entertaining and challenging, as well as frustrating. It is a test of both strategy,...


EJ is fishing the FLW Pro Bass Tour? What's up with that?


Imagine the Perfect Fishing Experience… Here is one of mine…

AFWC 20150009

A Kraken Review from the Adventure Kayak Fishing World Championships

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How to: Fishing the Flat-top Buckeye Jig for Bass

I enjoy a wide variety of baits for bass fishing and often go for the faster baits, which match my personality a little better.  ...

Fishing the Finesse Jig for Large and Smallmouth Bass


Big Rig Pro- Bells/Whistles/Big Bass/Big Fun!


Lasting Memories- Jackson/McBeath Camping from JK Kayaks and SUP-


Catch More Bass per strike on any lure… understand what is going on under the water…

It is not uncommon for people to ask, “Are the bass biting today?” and the accurate answer is always “no, they are not biting, but...

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How to Fish the Standing Brush for Large Mouth Bass

By Eric Jackson Fishing for bass is often fishing where you think you can place your lure. Bass don’t really care where you can cast...