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Sunday 22 July 2018
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Category: Fitness

Let the non-fitness games begin!

Off-Season Fitness- Navigating the Danger Zone

The change of seasons, activities, and the coming of fall/winter if often a time when we let ourselves get out of shape.    Shorter days...


How to Train Your Body for High Speed Kayak Racing- Short Races

Racing isn’t something everyone does, but training for racing is something everyone can do.   Any motivation to improve the status...

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Power Kayak Mixer- Pear Sports Workout

By Eric Jackson This is one of my favorite workouts because it makes you fast and strong! 20 second sprints are the meat of this workout,...

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Muscle On/Fat Off- EJ’s Trademark Circuit Weights Workout for Pear Sports

By Eric Jackson Why? This is a turn key core/upper body strength workout that takes care of so many goals at once that I have not adjusted...

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Power Kayak- Turn your Kayak into a Fitness Machine- EJ/Pear Sports Style

By Eric Jackson Why is this workout called Power Kayak? Power is work/time- which basically means going further faster if you have more...

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Run/Jump/Push/Run EJ-Pear Sports Workout

By Eric Jackson Endurance-Strength- Lactic Tolerance- Outdoor running intervals broken up by Push-ups and Jumping Jacks The Workout:...


EJs dryland exercises for paddling

I am in the unique position here at Rock Island (for me) to be in one location, where there is no water, for over 2 months, now. This...