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Wednesday 17 January 2018
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EJ now has some new ways to keep up with his whereabouts, activities

I have finally found a way for me to keep you informed of whatever is happening with me, my paddling, etc. Right now, the two main ways to...

NAWF (North Alabama Whitewater Festival) Rockin’ Times!

Alabama Whitewater Festival Kicks of Fun Tour 2009.

Complete 2008 World Cup coverage


Check out a waterfall in Arizona! Travis Collins (6′ 8″ tall)paddles the Mega-Rocker over it

March 9, 2009 Hi Eric, A group of us guys just got back from a weekend creeking at Fossil Creek in northern Arizona. Thank you and your...

Brazil is one of my favorite countries in the world. the people are incredible, as is the land. here is a note from Daniel, on the Paranhana River

March 4, 2009 Hi EJ!!! My name is Daniel, I am from Três Coroas - Brazil. I am sending some photos with my AllStar.

I am a happy, tired and very satisfied man again

I got to go kayaking too… did I say that out loud? Today the river was at 7,500 cfs and the top hole, the main hole, and Brave Wave were...

Dec. 8, 2004was virgin Brave Wave at 23,000 cfs – Dec. 12, 2008 is round two at 25,000 cfs

A drought does funny thinks to your head. It makes me a pessimist that begins to think that high water is a dream. Well, in good form,...

Rock Island is running again after the longest drought in history

I moved to Rock Island, TN after spending years here in our RVs, starting in 1997. This is my favorite place to paddle and if it...

EJ races at Talladega

My brother in law, Scott, organized a day racing the Grand Prix course at Talladega Raceway for me in my Mini-Cooper S. It was one of...

The Grand Canyon Trip, Part 2 and final part

It is true that it is hot on the Grand Canyon in July. It is also true that the river is cold, but not that cold. It started off at 47...