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Friday 22 June 2018
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Year 6 of Reno River Fest is another landmark year in Participation and fun!

Great Event once again, record numbers!

Got to paddle with my good friend Keith Miller of CCK on the American, plus many more friends!

Californian’s have a skewed concept of good paddling weather, as i got some comments from good friends who didn’t want to...

EJ Answers More Questions on our policies, and about the durability of our product- good beta!

Hi Louis,   Very good questions, and thanks for taking the time to look into it.   Every kayak has areas most prone to breakage, or...

More Alseseca and Aqua Azul Photos from Alex from Mexico

Our trusty guide and shuttle driver, Alex, had his camera ready for some shots at the road side section and the Aqua Azul.    he must...

T’Ville Triple Crown Competition in Connecticut a Huge Hit…

Here is my play by play of the T'Ville Triple Crown

New England Tour gets me back to my hometown

i went to high school in Merrimack, NH and was a member of the Merrimack Valley Paddlers Club there in 1979 when my Dad and i started...

I am heading to New England next week for the T’Ville Triple Crown and more

Fun Tour begins in New England!

“There are stars in the Southern sky, southward as you go” . . . a Mexican experience with my son, son to be, and friends

My first born son, Dane, is only 15 years old.   We headed way South last week, as far as the Guatemala border as I type this on the...

Team JK has a great day at Rock Island- Creeking/Playboating

Team JK during Team Week- Waterfalls, Surfing, Fun!

EJ now has some new ways to keep up with his whereabouts, activities

I have finally found a way for me to keep you informed of whatever is happening with me, my paddling, etc. Right now, the two main ways to...