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Wednesday 17 January 2018
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My first Grand Canyon Trip was most grand! Part 1

There are Grand Canyon trips, and then there are “Grand” Canyon trips. Dane and I had our first Grand Canyon experience, and it was one...

2008 National Champs/USA Team Trails – Junior Men’s Finals were impressive

Watching the finals for the USA Junior Men is a stiff reminder to the senior men’s class that more competition is on the way! The top...

Pine Creek Boater X

Google Video of EJ during Salida’s FIBArk Blue Paddle Whitewater Festival 2007 Pine Creek Boater X:

2003 World Championships – May 30

Today the men´s class stepped it up with long rides and lots of points. The average score was well over double the prelims! EJ, Steve...

2003 World Championships – May 18

The last day of free training time is now over! During the next week each country will get two training sessions of four hours each. To...

2003 World Championships – May 12

Official Entries to the 2003 World Championships closed today. 30 countries competing in the biggest international whitewater event of the...