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Sunday 22 July 2018
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Category: Whitewater


EJ’s- How to Squirt and Splat the Jackson Kayak Antix

How to Squirt and Splat an Antix

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EJ’s Top 10 Jackson Kayak Christmas/Holiday Gift Ideas for a Whitewater Kayaker



“Mad Hatter” Freestyle Kayaking’s New Trick

There is always something new to learn when kayaking, no matter who you are, and you never know who you will learn it from! The Mad...

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Eric Jackson account of Ozone Falls…And the Rains Came, and the Rivers Ran, and Kayakers went over the Falls, and the Ranger gave us the thumbs up!


Join EJ, and family, and the Jackson Action Wagon (Wesley Bradley) for a Long Boat Clinic!

Wesley Bradley is at it again- one of the most impressive World Kayak Ambassadors and Team JK guys out there! This time he is...


When the Kids Become Adults, and the Students Become the Teachers…


2016- Two New Eric Jackson Whitewater Kayak Instructional Books

Hi Everyone,

Lonnie Bedwell, Timmy O’Neil, and Eric Jackson on the Zambezi


Lonnie Bedwell, Timmy O’Neil, and Eric Jackson on the Zambezi

EJ and Steve Fisher Bring New Instructional Whitewater Kayaking Materials in 2016