The juniors are doing exceptionally well here in Graz. Here are a few that have been training here this past week.

It is hard to talk about the junior men’s class and not just focus on the USA team. The USA Junior Men’s team is incredibly dominant and just keeps on bringing new incredible athletes to the event, year after year.

This year is no different. Watch for Pat Keller, and Mike D. These two guys would be competitive in the senior class. Of course there is also Skippy, Tristan, and Max who all are working hard in the hole and doing impressive stuff. These guys are not holding back. They like the hole, like the city, and are ready to compete. Look for top juniors also from Spain, England, Germany, and Canada.

Any guesses on how many swims have happened since athletes began arriving this past few days?

The count as of 8am this morning was 40!!! So, there is a pool that is being started where everybody puts in their guess for how many swims will happen before the last day of the World Championships. Why don´t you make a guess yourself and then see if you are close. I will give you a hint. During the busiest training times (the last two days), there were an average of 12 swims per day. Training will be busy for the next six days, with those who were too timid to go in the hole before feeling like they should go in now. So there are lots of factors to consider before wagering your bet. The sidelines are quite supportive of the swimmers, with a loud cheer at first, then the assigning of a number to that swim, then the consolation of the other swimmers as the boater makes their way back up the river bank to the cheering area. No longer is the swim the ultimate embarrasment to the paddlers since some top paddlers have found themselves pulling their skirts. Watch for more updates on the swim count.