Well, today we finished off the last 30 men for prelims and here are the results. The water was a little higher than yesterday making it a little smoother in a side surf (less bouncing into unwanted ends) but the cartwheels were harder to control and the hole was a little flushy. Where all of the water is coming from, I have no idea. Last year at this time the water dropped out big time. I think the afternoon showers here are all day showers in the mountains, but that is a guess. Certainly nobody can complain about low water! As you may know I designed the Wave Sport Transformer along with David Knight, and both the men´s and women´s class leaders are paddling them so far. I just thought I would mention it, you know, like a proud parent talking about their kid hitting a home run or something. Well, here are the scores for the Prelims.

The top 35 men will compete in the Quarter finals tomorrow, the top 15 will go to semi-finals, and then the top 5 will go to finals on Saturday.

Competition Day 4- Junior K1 Men’s Quarter Finals

Today the Junior Men did their quarter final rides. The boys stepped up the quality, intensity, and the scores in a big way. Three of them had one ride that was higher than any two rides combined in prelims! I am impressed with their ability to make things happen when it counts. Richard Grimes from Great Britain has now won two rounds in a row and is showing some real talent. Pat Keller had one ride over 200 points that was steller and is coming on strong. Michael Quinif had two solid rides with some awesome entry moves, but they were short with flushes each time, but still good enough for third. There are now 10 Junior men in the semi-finals. That will cut to 5 tomorrow, and then the head to head finals will determine the next junior world champion!

Competition Day 4- Squirt boating Results

Although there were only four women competing in the squirt class, the top women, Deborah O´Keefe had stellar rides according to Clay Wright, who is currently leading the men´s class.
Brooke Winger, opted to focus on the K1 Women´s class this year and didn´t compete. What will be the future of squirt boating? Nobody knows, other than the squirters themselves.

Competition Day 4- K1 Women’s Quarterfinals

Today the women competed to cut the field from 15 to 10. Watching was nerve racking as some top women, like Julie Dion failed to make the cut. On the positive side, Tanya Shuman had an awesome third ride of 64 points that put her comfortably in the lead. The format was best two of three rides. USA, GBR, then Germany for this round. They will cut from 10 to 5 tomorrow, which will test their will and nerves for sure.