Today the men´s class stepped it up with long rides and lots of points. The average score was well over double the prelims! EJ, Steve Fisher , and Jay Kincaid were the top three.

Competition Day 5- Men’s and Women’s Semifinals

The most intense elimination round of all is the the cut from 15 to 5 in the semi finals in the men´s class and 10 to 5 in the women´s class.

The women went first and there were some that went from the top to the bottom and some went up. Tanya Shuman won the quarter finals and then got eliminated in the semi´s.

In the men´s class the rides got sick to say the least. I watched Andrew Holcome pull a 240 point ride in the second heat and in the third heat nobody paddled poorly. There were 8 rides over 200 points and only five made the cut. In prelims there were only 18 rides over 100 points out of 150 men. Dustin Urban and Jesse Murphy paddled incredibly well to place 6 and 7 in the men´s class after leaving the junior class just last year! Javid Grubbs was 8th with two solid rides..