April 13, 2004

After making our debut in the new Jackson Kayak RV and mini at the Kentucky Outdoor Center this past weekend, we set sail for the west coast. Kristine, Emily, Dane, our 16 year old New Zealand friend, Lawrence, our two Dalmatians (Pebbles and Target), and I are all neatly packed into our 30 foot Coachmen Class A motorhome. My Mini-Cooper S is being towed behind serving as our Dingy. The plan is two make the trip in 4 days. So far we have driven only 600 miles per day, but have enjoyed the ride. It took forever, it seemed to get from Frankfort, Kentucky past Memphis, Tennessee. Living in TN, we wanted to at least get West of that state quickly. From Kentucky we hit TN, then got on 40 in Arkansas. Warm weather in Arkansas was Spring in action. Every couple of hundred miles we stop for a game of football. The teams are pretty even with both Emily and Dane being strong players. Emily is a better catcher, but Dane is a good quarterback. Lawrence and I are about even, I guess so the scores are nearly always within a point. When we left Arkansas for Oklahoma, we got into some rain, then it got clear again before hitting Oklahoma City. We stopped for Lunch at Oklahoma City and went to the “Bricktown” section of town. It is a lot like the “Riverwalk” at San Antonio. Cool restaurants and shopping. We ate at the “Da Bone” oyster bar. We had a dozen oysters on the ½ shell and great seafood sandwiches.

My camera and video camera got stolen on the way to Australia this year. We replaced the video camera but not the camera. So many good things happen that need documented in a trip like this so, we found a camera store and bought a Rebel Digital camera. Skip Brown suggested that this was the best option for professional photos at the best price. These photos were our first days shooting with it. Finally, we can do our own photos! I have done a technique article in Kayak Session every issue for over 2 years. This upcoming issue I was without a photographer. I got somebody to shoot for me for free but the photos weren’t quite up to snuff, so this next issue will be the first time that there will be no EJ technique article.

Anyway: Texas: Snow and cold weather? What is with that? The temperature dropped to the 30’s and we hit a blizzard in Texas in April. Here are shots of the mini with frost on it this morning. I am looking for spring and summer weather, so when you are ready Mother Nature. Perhaps we need a little more global warming? (just kidding)

The New Mexico border just passed, time to gas up again. We just hit mountain time so it is now noon instead of 1pm, bonus.

Got to go pump gas!