April 17, 2005

75 degrees, sunny, high water, and some great paddling! David Knight and Chris Emerick just left after a bunch of great work by both of them in their respective fields. Chris worked on the video, while David Knight helped us come up with some great stuff on the creekboats, oh yea!

Emily is like Brave Wave now and did some sweet, vertical airblunts. I didn’t get photos of that because she really got good at it after I stopped taking pictures and started paddling again. I am so proud of her and Dane’s paddling right now. Both of them are using the Strokes, Concepts, rolling and bracing stuff they have been taught and applying it everywhere. They are the least worrisome people I paddle with at Brave Wave nailing their rolls and hitting the eddy everytime, or bailing and hitting the ferry back, cool. I must say today I am a proud papa! (especially of Emily, she had a great day on the water!)

Well, the kids are back from foamboating, time to climb a tree or something.

🙂 EJ