Today we did the C to G section of the South Fork of the American
River near Coloma. What a great group of paddlers on a great river. The
day started off at Coloma Club for breakfast and then went to the Marshal
Gold Park where we put in. This was an intermediate clinic where we
focused on rolling and bracing, strokes and concepts, river running and

My friend Mike Brown helped set it up along with Michelle, and my good
friends at California Canoe and Kayak, Keith Miller and Bryant.

I was doing my best to help everyone become more self sufficient in one
session so we moved pretty fast. At one point I pushed Barbara over in a
rapid to help her get over her spring cobwebs and jitters.

We did a ton of slot moves, eddy moves, rock moves, rolls, surfing,
squirting, and stroke stuff. At the end my friend Riccardo, switched out
of his older river runner (non-Jackson one) and into the New Hero and after
not rolling once all day, got his roll immediately and went home with a
strong roll. Sweet! (I’ll take that any day!)

A few large pies at Husum Pizza and some of Riccardo’s wine and we topped
off a great day of paddling!

Tomorrow we will do the same clinic followed by a Rolling/Bracing clinic
too! (we have two spots left for the rolling clinic, since Riccardo is
pretty sure he’ll be too tired)