Yesterday the top was removed from the incubator and KC maintained his body heat, no problem. He has eaten his full “1 ounce shot” of mother’s milk on each sitting, meaning that he doesn’t need the feeding tube anymore. He keeps his body full of oxygen with 98% saturation, meaning he breathes like anyone else, so no worries about that.

Last night after we left the hospital, they called and said that they were moving him to Children’s Hospital next door and the “final exam” would be for Kristine, or Kristine and I to sleep at the hospital (they have a parents’ bed in the room) for two to three days and take full care of him. Assuming that he responds well and we don’t drop him or neglect him in some way and they are confident that even as little as he is and early still, we can take him home! The earliest would be on Tuesday if we go in today. Kristine is “nesting” in a big way right now as she was in the hospital for the past month and unable to do anything at the house. The house hadn’t been cleaned in a month, and the two month’s prior to that she was in bed rest in and out of the hospital. Yes, there is a lot to do to get ready for KC here! I think the dust could be sold for top soil!

Kristine will go in to the hospital today and I will stay home and clean. I am going to get a local girl, Mellissa to help me tomorrow afternoon as we really need things to be tip top before KC comes home.

I have a “honey do list” that has all kinds of things on it, like plane down my office door so it will shut, seeing that my office is now the baby’s room. I had an “open door policy” in my office so I didn’t fix it on purpose.

Well, the nesting mom is off and running again and I need to go catch up!

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