My Dad and Sister flew down from New Hampshire to come to the Whitewater Hall of Fame induction ceremony at NOC and then to visit at Rock Island. We had a great time hiking, playing games, and visiting for the weekend. They took their first RV trip with us as we all piled in and headed to NOC for the Hall of Fame induction. We went up the Appalachian Trail and I took my sister paddling in a tandem kayak on the Nantahala. This was her first whitewater kayaking experience! She did awesome as we surfed waves and ran the meat of the Nanty!

This weekend Kristine’s brother and family came to visit and we played Cranium. It is nice to be able to have the family over as we couldn’t do that in the 10 years in the RV. Kristine’s brother Bill is opening up a Kitchen Store in Cookeville, TN only 30 miles from us! That will be cool. He introduced me to Ceramic Knives last night. Cool stuff.