Today we had about 10,000-12,000 cfs from Noon on and got enough paddling to make our arms feel quite heavy! We put in above the hydro dam and ran down the top rapids and played the hole on river left for a ride, or two, awesome! That hole would be worth playing all day. Then we headed down to the main hole, which would give most people nightmares, if they aren’t comfortable with REALLY big holes. The main hole was best played like a wave with plenty of green in front of the pile. Since the Brave Wave at these flows is more elusive, we headed down after one ride on the main hole and played for a couple of hours there. Lots of fun, every move is possible, and it reminded all of us why we live at Rock Island! After a while the water went up to about 12,000 and Brave Wave got a little too green and flat, so we went back to the hole and abused ourselves for a while! I am dead tired! I got a new Keg of Fat Tire Amber Ale today from Taylor’s Corner Market and that hit the spot after a big day. Kristine had Egg Nog Hot Chocolate ready for when we got back too! A big fire in the fire place, a Saturday, my whole family is here. Life is good. 🙂