What a great day- to have the Little Hero molded in our own ovens, operated by kayakers, Jase, Tony Lee, Leif Koelher, and Geoff. Then to have Emily get one hot off the line to make the virgin run in it. North Chic was running at 615 CFS today, which is medium/low, a great level for a low stress, super pretty Plateau run.

Clay, Dane, Emily, Nick, Peter, and I met at 10:30 am at the take out and set shuttle in the Landcruiser, the ultimate 80’s, old school shuttle vehicle. The put-in is a nice walk downhill to the Cane Creek, about 200 cfs, making your way under some Laurels to find a clean put-in. Blue water, and pristine wilderness makes this a gem just to look around and enjoy as you bop down class 3 and 4 whitewater to the confluence of the North Chic and Cane Creek. It bumps up to about 400 cfs there and continues to go up as the little creeks around dropping off the gorge into the river, usually with impressive waterfalls making the final descent into the water. We took our time and got out to take a few photos of the Little Hero in action. Emily was our action figure, the perfect Little Hero pilot and quite excited to have this go anywhere boat just for her.

We spent about 4 hours on the river, with plenty of sunlight, warm 60 degree weather, and family and friends.

I am so happy about being able to do what I do. The boat is just right. The testers are my friends and family, and day was perfect. We have a winner in the Heroes. Many people will discover this boat in 2009 and they just have to have it! This is a good thing. I am happy that the Hero line is nearly complete! The Dynamic Duo will be the 5th boat in the Hero line! Maybe the rivers will be running perfect for its virgin run next month too!