Atlanta paddlersKristine, Emily, Dane, Nick, KC, and I disembarked from Rock Island Command Central on Saturday morning to come to High Country Outfitters in Atlanta.   Bubba Sloan owns this shop and does a great job with it.  High Country is a JK Super Store, so they tend to carry a good selection of our boats.

When we arrived the Pulled Pork BBQ was hot and ready, along with Sweetwater Beer, welcoming all who came. 

I did a clinic on all of the Jackson boats, outfitting, etc. and then made plans with the paddlers and new paddlers there to meet in the swimming pool at the Athletic Center for an evening session.  

Nick and I paddled the Dynamic Duos as rolling teaching boats.  We both put in three or so people in the front and taught them to roll with us in the back.   It was a good day, starting at noon and going until 9pm.

On Sunday we met up with a bunch of people (18 of them) to paddle from Power’s Island to Pace’s Ferry, about 3 miles of class 1-2+ whitewater.  

I had Suzie in the front of my dynamic duo for her first whitewater experience.   Nick had John-Paul (age 8) for his first whitewater.    Craig Heflin, of had Taylor for her first time.    The run was full of fun eddy moves, some slots, rock boofs, etc.   We got off the water after a great run at about 1pm (2 hours).    We all went to the OK Cafe’ for a late lunch and got to learn about each other’s off water life.    A movie (disney’s Race to Witch Mountain), and some appetizers at Don Pablo’s and we are ready for bed! Tomorrow is a big day.  We fly to Mexico and won’t arrive until about 11pm- then a 5 hour drive to Veracruz.   Big day tomorrow.  we are committed to getting on the Alceseca the next day.


Emily gets married on the 11th of April!  Getting close!


See you on the water.