We got 2 inches of rain last night and woke up to Pine Creek at great flows only 30 minutes from the house.   we are in our second to last day for Team Week.  Training, paddling, and all kinds of discussions, sharing info, etc..    Pink Creek starts off with a 30 foot waterfall that is perfect for doing laps on.   A highlight for me was seeing 13 year old Lauren Burress do her first big waterfall.  She nailed the line, went just past vertical, for a soft landing.   There must have been 50 or more runs over the falls today, before we headed downstream  for some absolutely beautiful 120+ foot vertical walled canyons that make me so happy to be here.   Class 4-5 rapids for a mile into class 3 and then class 2 into Center Hill Lake.   

We got off the water and all went to “Bino’s” for a southeast lunch at 5pm.    The dam opened up their spill gates giving us an awesome Brave Wave level.   We decided to do another session until dark and it was so worth the effort.    We were hooting and hollering at each other as the wave was delivering big moves and big smiles today at 5,000  cfs and 65 degree weather. 

we all convened back here at the Rock Island Ranch for more food and a session with Lee Hart teaching us how to do more with our World Kayak Blogspots.  

See you for HIGH water Rock Island tomorrow- 20,000 cfs!!!