when considering whitewater kayaking, and the importance it has for me, and so many of the important people in my life, and my business, it needs constant caretaking.   Doing everything we can to assure that things like a bad economy, or a zillion other distractions don’t have a negative affect on the sport is a part of being a good caretaker.

One of the things that makes a big difference for paddlers, like you, or me, or my kids is that they have fun events to participate in.   Events can be competitions, video premiers, river trips, and after parties where we swap river stories over a cold beer, nachos,  or an ice cream and some coffee. (yummy!)     Getting us off the coach, out of the house, and off the computer, and out onto the river with great comraderie and a purposeful excuse for the gathering is what puts our butts back in the boat where they belong!

The Hometown Throwdowns was a vision shared by those of us who make up World Kayak, and has been spreading like wildfire to the many wonderful World Kayak ambassadors who are doing the physical work to put them on.   I hope everyone gets a chance to participate in one near you!   If you don’t have one near you,  you can create one as we have the system worked out to make it easy, and we have already supported the event with an unprecidented amount of sponsored product that assures that everyone walks away with something.  

Imagine the world of kayaking, where in 2008 there were 63 of these events around the world, and in 2009 there are 120!   Where will we be in 2012?   

what is the goal for World Kayak, tons of events?   Sure, but the real goal is to make kayaking more fun for everyone.   It is also our goal to improve communications among paddlers with our regional based blogspot tools, calendars, and “where to go for your paddling needs” resource.    

How do we do all of this?  Good old fashioned elbow grease and some of the smartest, most capable people in the world.     James McBeath is the director of World Kayak.  He is able to outwork just about anyone.   His ability to juggle so many projects, and so much information flow at one time, along with his incredibly complete knowledge of the industry makes him the only person I know of capable of doing what he does.

Add Colin Kemp and you have the one guy who can manage 70 ambassadors single handlely!   This includes training them, etc. to be able to bring you the information on your region, and do the Hometown Throwdowns, etc..   

Lee Hart gets the word out, a new step for World Kayak.   Check out the link above on her interactive press release and see what is going on.   

The future of whitewater?   Brilliant, as they would say in England.    i like that.

See you on the river.