It is Friday and Emily and Nick get married tomorrow.   Our friends
and family have arrived for the most part with over 40 people here already.
All Grandparents accounted for already, except my dad, who won’t be able to
make it.    We have been having a great time.    It is incredible to have
such a wide variety of people who have been influential in the lives of
Emily and Nick together.   Emily’s childhood friends in her bridal party, as
well as Nick’s.    We seem to be a quite active group of people for this all
inclusive resort on the coast, just south of Cancun.     Football,
volleyball, golf, tennis, workouts, combined with all you can eat and drink
included, makes for an interesting combination.   The Mojitos are awesome.

What a contrast to our one week of paddling with Dane, Nick, Clay, Trevor,
and I, with Alex and Jose’ driving us around and keeping us out of trouble.
All you can eat buffet with fresh juice, compared to the gas station,
restaurant, strip club (night time) combo we ate every morning at in
Talipicoyn before the Alseseca runs.    Both are memorable, probably
remember the gas station food in a year, though.

Here I am making new friends with the locals…