Wearing the Red/White and Blue for the USA in 2009 at the World Freestyle Kayak Championships in Thun, Switzerland will be the following athletes…

Men’s Kayak

  1. Bryan Kirk – Project cx
  2. Stephen Wrigth- All-Star
  3. Johnny Meyers- Project
  4. Chris Stafford- All-Star
  5. Rush Sturges- Crazy 88
  6. Eric Jackson (defending World Champion)- All-Star

Women’s Kayak

  1. Emily Jackson- Star
  2. Adriene Levknecht- Biscuit
  3. Elaine Campbell- Project
  4. Jessie Stone- Star

Junior Men’s Kayak

  1. Jason Craig
  2. Dane Jackson
  3. Michael “LP” Palmer

Junior Women’s Kayak

  1. Tracy D’Arbeloff- Star
  2. Emery Tillman- Star


  1. Dane Jackson- Shooting Star
  2. Jordan Poffenberg- Biscuit
  3. Jeremy Laucks- 420


  1. Jeremy Laucks- Homemade
  2. Jake Ament- Esquif

Congratulations to the 2009 USA Team- Good Luck in Switzerland!