for Day 1 Results:

Today was Emily’s day as she won second runs today- winning her first USA Team Trials slalom race ever.    She was third on first runs- and had a second and third yesterday.     She is the first woman to make the percentage, meaning, being fast enough compared to the men to be able to compete in the World Championships for slalom.    The team trials are far from over, but she is doing great.    I am finishing in the top 1/3 of the field with my finish places in the USA so far being:   11th, 10th, 9th, and my last run was 12th.  I had two clean runs today, and i got under 10 seconds behind the leaders today.   we’ll see what tomorrows course will be, but I am excited to get to do two more race runs tomorrow.

It has been fun paddling with Danny, and seeing many people I knew from a long time ago.   Rosie Weis, Kent Ford, John Brennan,  Dr. Art, David Curran,  Scott parsons, etc. etc…  

The top racers from this event will be able to compete in the 2009 World Cup and 2009 World Championships.   In Freestyle we only have the world championships ever other year and the world cup every other year.   I wouldn’t mind having it every year like slalom….