13,000 cfs yesterday, 16,000 cfs today- what a great time at this whitewater park!   one big wave that works like two waves- a river right and river left side.   Both are awesome.    i am still trying to get a feel for the town as it is a new one for me, but love the feature!  

USA Freestyle Team Trials are next weekend after the BV rodeo and CKS Paddlefest in BV, Colorado.   Lots of people are here training already.   This year is a big year for freestyle as it is expected that over 50 countries will be competing and the competition will be stiffer than ever with the Europeans really coming on strong in the past few years.   In the junior class, making the USA Team means competing against kids like Dane and Jason Craig, and Michael Palmer, Kyle, etc. etc. for starters, not an easy class to be top three!!  In the men’s class Stephen Wright, Clay Wright, Bryan Kirk, Andrew Holcomb, are just to name a few that will be there with the intention of securing a spot for the 2009 World Championships.    Emily and I have a free ride to Worlds, as they invite the returning World Champions to compete in the next one.    Dan Burke in C1 and Ruth Gordon for women (Ruth is from Canada though).

Click here to see some rides from last year- beautiful water and wave- and incredibly beautiful alpine town.  http://www.jacksonkayak.com/jkvideos/200809111.mov

I digressed- the Glenwood Wave is awesome- http://www.jacksonkayak.com/articles/article.cfm?directory=articles07&article=200805223

photos: http://www.jacksonkayak.com/articles/article.cfm?directory=articles07&article=200805213 

got to go paddle on it again! second session today!