It was very fun for me to watch Emily in action at Durango.   5,000 cfs slalom course and three days of racing.    She has a great head on her shoulders for competing and paddling in general.    Not to mention some serious boat control.     She isn’t a slalom racer by training, and is far from being where she would be with training, but a great off the couch racer.  She got two firsts and 2 seconds for her 4 best runs, while Elita Miller got 3 firsts and 1 second for her 4 best, taking the win.

In the Men’s class  I got 2 9th place finishes and two 10ths to end up 10th overall.   I was very happy with this as I stayed under the 10 second mark for most of the weekend, getting 8 seconds behind today, which I was happy with.   

That was that for slalom for me, and for Emily as well.  The European Races are in June and August and Emily isn’t willing to give up her freestyle competing for them, so she’ll nod out of them.   I didn’t ask if I qualified for anything, but not likely.    10th doesn’t usually get you much that way.

i think it must be freestyle time again, no?   Oh yea- off to Glenwood tomorrow for a day there catching up with Dane and Nick who just finished up a California creeking extravaganza.     Time to train for USA Freestyel trials…  Did I say train?   Maybe that is why we are better at that sport.    Both are super fun.

See you there!  here are results from Day 3:   (there are two Canadians competing too)