Californian’s have a skewed concept of good paddling weather, as i got some comments from good friends who didn’t want to paddle in the rain.   On the East coast paddling in the rain is like sunbathing in the sun, they work together, and what else are you going to do in the rain outside?    The rain brought the South Fork of the American up to 4,000 cfs, a wonderful level for big waves, lots of cool lines, incredible playboating, boofs, rock spins, slots, etc..   

We met at Chili-Bar put in at 9:00am.    Keith Miller, the owner of California Canoe and Kayak in Sacremento and Oakland, brought a fleet of Jackson Kayaks for anyone who wanted to try them.    I brought my own fleet and we must have had twenty boats between the two of us.   i was very excited to see Mike and Hilde show up.  Hilde was one of our guides on the Grand Canyon last summer on Tony Lunt’s trip for his 50th birthday.     She is a 50+ year old woman that shreds like she was 20 and hungry for intense kayaking action!

There was Peter’s friend from Russia, Serge, who tried an All-Star for his first time,  as well as two Little Heroes that were getting virgin runs by smaller paddlers (one guy and one girl),  A fun, 4 fun, Super Star, Super Fun, Super hero, 2 heroes, and a Dynamic Duo.  Keith and I took they Dynamic Duo. Keith has a 34″ inseam, which puts him in the back seat and driving, and me in the front.    He did an incredible job of getting us all over that river, surfing waves, etc..   Not bad for his first time in it!

We took out at the Coloma State Park, and had the same 23 heads at the end that we started with.  I love it when that happens! 🙂

Our second group was much smaller for the Coloma to Greenwood Run.   On this run I got in the back of the Dynamic Duo and Mary from Reno was in the front.  She was awesome!   We hit every boof and slot and surfed every hole.  We did a 5 end super clean spin in the duo!!!  Crazy.       Two more ladies tried the Little Hero and loved it.   I think we have a winner in this boat!

the sun poked out by the end of the run, and the wildflowers were in full bloom, the grass was green, and the water clear.    It was a great day of paddling, meeting new friends, and seeing old friends.    John, who hadn’t really paddled in 25 years is going from a fiberglass boat at 13′ 2″ to a 4 Fun.  Great transition!

We met at Marco’s pizza after paddling for some great food.    Rachel Wiesse and patty Boyer showed up for dinner with us, two incredibly “wired women” who have always greatly impressed me.    Rachel ran for 6.5 hours on trails two days ago, a typical run for her, while Patty just got 5th in the top tennis division for “super seniors” which means not very young in years, but really young in spirit and body.    Both ladies are great paddlers too.    Phil Boyer is Patty’s son, and Rachel’s boyfriend and just left to guide a trip on the Grand Canyon.     He is on Team JK and i wish i could have seen him here too. 

Riccardo didn’t make the trip, somehow, I missed him as well.   He brings as much excitement to wine as many do to kayaking.    yummy.    Maybe next time.

Randomly, i ran into David Stephen (Team JK from Brazil) and his girlfriend, awesome!

After dinner at marco’s, sitting outside,  (i got the Lasagne), Kristine drove us back to Reno, about 3 hours.

We are here at the Reno Whitewater Park and enjoying sunny weather, great water levels,  and alot of friends.  Mike from Reno Mountain Sports can be spotted paddling out here almost every day.    That is a good sign.

It is competition time, and the Reno River Festival is the biggest kick off of the season.    10,000 spectators, many of the best freestyle boaters in the world, a killer boatercross, and this year there is a Dynamic Duo class.  it is actually a “tandem boat class” but we have 5 dynamic Duos in town for people to use so I imagine it will be mostly DD’s.  that will be fun too!