So you want to be on the USA Freestyle Kayak Team and get to Represent the USA at the World Championships in Thun, Switzerland?   Well, you need to do a few things to be ready, one of them, is to compete this weekend at the Trials.   To be eligible to compete, you need only to register with United States of American Canoe and Kayak (USACK) and enter the competition.   Junior Men, Women, Senior Men, Women, OC1, and C1 competitions are being staged here at the Glenwood Wave, running at about 14,000 CFS right now.

Team Wavesport, Dagger, Liquid Logic, Pyranha, Bliss Stick, and Fluid are paddling from Sun-up to long after sundown (under the lights).    This wave has no eddy service so the lines are not too bad.   Located right next to the Harley Davidson dealership, (a fitting backdrop for USA Trials), it is easy to spectate.  

It seems more like Orgeon or Washington in the winter with temperatures down in the 40’s and highs in the 60’s (70’s tomorrow) and rainy/muddy.     That isn’t stopping the boaters from getting in a session or four each day.    Dane was on the water at 5:45 this morning, then went boogie boarding on it, and then paddling again.

The Feature itself is providing some really nice moves.   Reasonably big air, and every move in the book for wave moves.    blunt/Mcnasty combos seem to work well, but i haven’t seen many other combos. 

Rumour has it that we can expect a huge junior men’s class this year, and quality juniors.   I can tell you that freestyle kayaking in the USA is having a huge jump in the numbers and quality of the paddlers, and so many of them are under 18.     competing in the junior class may be as difficult as the senior class!    I haven’t seen so many great juniors at one time before.  These kids are going to grow up and be competing against me soon enough.   Winning events in the senior men’s class is going to continue to get harder with kids like this.

The competition will be held on Saturday and Sunday.   The following numbers of paddlers will win a spot on the USA Team.

Men’s Kayak

Eric Jackson (current world champion gets an invite by the ICF) Plus: 5 Men

Women’s Kayak

Emily Jackson (same thing) plus:  3 Women

Junior Men- 3 Spots

Junior Women- 2 spots

C1- Dan Burke- plus 3 spots

OC1- 2 Spots

While Emily and I are already on the team- we are competing for good measure, because it is fun, of course, but also to keep our wave competition skills sharp and test them against the best in the US.   There are no other wave competitions before the worlds that I’ll be competing in, so it will help prepare for the big event in Switzerland.

There will be live web coverage of the event.   I’ll make sure to help you find it.   It will be a pay/view and I think they said about $4 for the finals, and World Kayak will cover the prelims.   As I know more I’ll make sure you can bookmark it.

check out a few photos of the rainy scene so far…