[singlepic=110,320,240,watermark,center]Last Week Nick Troutman, Stephen Wright, Clay Wright, Dustin Urban, Greg Parker, and myself were the only people to have the 2010 All-Stars.     We let a few people try them and everyone wanted to, but limited time.  Now I am at Salida and heading to Durango.  

Greg and i let a few people try them and here is the first email i got back from a guy who tried it… 




Thank you for letting me try your new Allstar.  I was impressed and went on line to see the specs.  If it will go down river too, then this is the best playboat out there since, uh! the Jackson Allstar before it.


Preston Salida, CO”


I am getting ready to go paddle mine again!  Dane keeps jumping in mine and is so excited about getting in the new Star which comes out on June 30th or so.   He goes so big in the All-Star it is funny.   I wish he would stop paddling mine so we can paddle together again!


See you on the river, or above it!