[singlepic=110,320,240,,]Five days into the life of the 2010 All-Star and what an incredible start to this undefeated freestyle machine.    Stephen Wright sets a new record high freestyle score of 1,310 points, and Nick Troutman is only 15 points behind that record with 1,295 points, and Dustin Urban takes third with 1,040 points.   The amount of air achieved in this little hole on Gore Creek in Vail was so impressive that the crowd went nuts during the competition.   When the 2007 All-Star was launched at Christmas of 2006 it set the new standard for freestyle kayaks, and quickly became the go to boat for anyone wanting a playboat that is fun, easy to paddle, light, dry, and high performance.     This all new design by David Knight and I is such a big step up that I am in heaven!

It is redicuously easy to get big aerial loops, do the twisty moves like McNastys and Phonix Monkeys, or just spin on the corner of a hole.   With no training time in this boat, and a big event like the Teva Mountain Games, the only way any of the team members would switch one or two days before the competition is if they could jump in it and immediately do more than before.   That is exactly what happened.   Immediate improvement.    When I say immediate, it took about 5 rides for people to figure out how to initiate a loop compared to before to get bigger air.  After 5 rides it was game over.

First, second, and third place for the 2010 All-Star in its debut event.   Our goal now is to get it up to Buseater for a big wave as the testing on Glenwood proved that the amount of air, and the quality of moves is so much bigger and better that we’ll see things on a big wave like Buseater that the world has never seen.  Joel Kowalski and Billy Harris are up there.  

This boat is faster, shorter, lighter.   The boat lifts off the water easier, and stays on the wave easier.   Why?  More volume, less surface area, more user friendly, and it rotates in the air so much faster that you land a move before you land on the water!   Same is true in a hole.  You finish a loop while still a foot off the water!  Crazy it what it is.

I am looking forward to shallow water playboating now more than ever, as it doesn’t stick down in the water much (3.5″ less on the bow for example than our old boat) making it possible to play where we could never play before.

Look for a short video, by Nick Troutman, coming up soon (in a day or two), showing this boat off in its first 4 days of its life.

I am a happy guy!