Dane has been anxiously awaiting his first adult boat, the 2010 Star.    Paddling the Fun 1 until 2007, and then the Shooting Star until yesterday, he has just graduated into the 2010 Star, and got the virgin run in it.     We watched the first Star come out of the mold in the morning, and then the second one… Dane got the second one as the first one was not good enough.    It was missing a couple of logos because Jase and the guys didn’t want to waste logos if the second one wasn’t good enough.   It was, however!   Jase did a great job in molding, trimming, and assembling this first boat.   [singlepic=199,320,240,,]Being that he is our first ever employee, and a keeper, he is awesome.

The initial run by Dane was this seal launch, followed by the top wave and then the hole.   [singlepic=196,320,240,,]Well, he can fly it down to the water good, and then he can do hull to hull air screws on the top wave, and do everything in the main hole!    [singlepic=197,320,240,,]It is much bigger on him and he can no longer do super clean cartwheels in the flatwater, however, but he sure does go big and the wave moves were easy for him.   


He is in heaven and got to go to the Ocoee today but i didn’t hear how that went yet!