Animas River Days was a fun, low key, local event this year with the only “pros” in freestyle being Dane, EJ, and the Pyranha team.    for the Wildwater races we had Andy Corra (former USA Team member), Mike Freeburn (former USA team member), and a bunch of locals in their wildwater boats.   

The wildwater race was fun this morning and thanks to Andy, i had a boat to use.   it was a mass start the heart rates went high fast.   Andy won, then Mike, then myself, then Steve, and so on…. 

Yesterday I got a second in the slalom race behind Issac who had an 86 and i had an 88.   Isaac is a great slalom racers and super nice as well.

In the freestyle,  i got first, followed by Jared and then Dave Fusilli.   

We got to watch young Kai get his combat roll and surf the holes, while Wiley, Andy’s son, competed in the Dynamic Duo in the slalom race and the freestyle!

Dinner at the Corra’s, (thanks guys, very good!) and now bed time.    tomorrow, we’ll hit Vallecito, and then off to Salida.