After a fun time at the Animas River Days, Dane and I were ready for a relaxing remote run down the local Class V run, Vallecito Creek.     Tony and Drew of 4 Corners Riversport met us at the RV a 9am and we loaded our Little Hero and Hero on the Mini-Cooper along with our creeking gear, a banana, and some gatorade.    Dane put his “learner’s permit” to good use and drove us up the 45 minute ride to the base of the creek, following Drew and Tony.     We got our stuff ready and began hiking up and over ridge on an incredibly beautiful hike to the put-in.    We took our time and enjoyed the hike, stopping to see the sites on the way.  The last time I was up there was in 2000 and I did the hike as a race, getting a great workout , but missing the scenery. 

Aaron, also from Durango, was already there and waiting for us.   The 5 of us put-in and started off with “Super Boof” a very cool way to start.    I don’t remember alot of the rapid’s names (and don’t carry a guidebook to look them up), but do remember a few that were really cool.    Fuzzy Bunny was sweet, and we ran it without looking at it making the initial view at the lip memorable as you look down into a narrow crack and are glad you are in the right place.    S-turn, and Trash Can were quite fun.    the last time I ran Trash can i was following someone and they told me to give them space at the main falls, the rapid above, so i gave them 30 seconds.   by the time i got to the bottom of the falls they had run Trash Can and my directions were to keep coming and no directions were given for that rapid.   I entered center and my eyes went wide open as I was confronted by choked up river and did a short pin before getting out.   this time i looked at it after we ran the falls and a right line was actually fun looking and we all did it nicely.   There were a couple of beautiful canyons, while the entire river is surrounded by massive steep walls making it feel like you are in the middle of nowhere.    Lots of boogie water, and class 4 rapids in this short section of creek.    We finished, feeling refreshed and happy to have spent some quality time in the wilderness on a new creek for Dane and one that felt new to me.   

thanks Drew, Tony, and Aaron for the lead!