Dane, KC, Kristine, and I are here with the Jackson Kayak RV, and enjoying an awesome event.    We have been able to spend a little time with Andy Corra (owner of Four Corners Riversport dealership, kayak school), Kent Ford (whitewater icon, instruction guru, video producer, USA Team member for slalom for many years), and many other Durango locals, like john brennan (designer for Prijon).  

today we had a slalom race on the Animas at Smelter rapids.    We did a “father/son” dynamic duo race where Andy took his son Wiley down, Rickter (bomber gear) took his son Kai down, and I took Dane down.   Andy and I switched sons and did an “Illegitimate” run with each other’s sons.  

i raced in my Ricochet and got second place to Isaac from DC who had a blazing run at 86 seconds to my 88 seconds.   John G got a 91 on his first run and I didn’t see the 2nd run time.  

tomorrow I am doing a downriver race, and then the freestyle competition is happening at “corner pocket”

this evening we did the “parade” from town to the whitewater park.  It was mostly rafts, with cool outfits, lots of PBR, waterguns, tons of spectators on all of the bridges, etc..     Lots of cool crafts, like Brian Brown and his lady in the Dagger Dimension Canoe with a home made spray skirt.    Andy’s “floating piano” as he calls his fancy wood dorey.    Dane and I took the Dynamic Duo down and went up on every rock there was.   i think we did two of the best rock spins in history.  The first will be hard to beat.  A 1080 in the DD where our speed was incredible, feeling like we were on a caraval ride, and we were perfectly balanced.   Wow that was fun!

great stuff!

tomorrow we’ll do the freestyle, Monday head to Vallicito Creek for a run on that, and then to Fibark!