Since the creation of the Dynamic Duo, I have had so many incredibly fun days bringing people down rivers that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to run on their own at their skill level.

Kristine’s brother Scott and his wife Patty came to Salida, CO and we got the bright idea to do a “brown’s canyon” run on the Arkansas.    We loaded three Dynamic Duo’s on two cars and headed to the put-in.  

Leaving the put-in eddy Patty started screaming every time a wave hit her, and the entire time we were in an eddy.   She was having fun, but like a teen-aged girl on a roller coaster.   the river starts off slow and then picks up in the canyon.  By the time we got to the canyon, Patty was leaning the boat with me and really doing a good job.    We started boofing rocks, punching holes, and running rapids backwards.    Nick and Scott were doing the same, while Emily and Dane were funny together.    Emily was mad at Dane for trying to boof every rock so had the bright idea to try to back them into a rock for a rear peton.  She seemed to forget that she was in the boat with Dane and they hit the rock hard and I thought she was going to get whiplash.  Dane was laughing, but Emily was not.   At the end of the day, Patty said that she had never had more fun!   Me too.

The Dynamic Duo will be a big part of my future paddling!