Thursday was the boatercross at Pine creek.   Nick and I did the seeding time trial first (non head to head race run to select the top boaters to race).   I won that with the fastest time, but decided that this race was more risk than I wanted to take one week before I start my training for the World Championships.    Nick and I bailed on the head to head.  Brian Kirk took the honors on that race.

yesterday we had the prelims for the Freestyle Competition and it went really well again.    Hot weather brought the water level up to 2,300 cfs, for the third year in a row making the hole flushy again.   While it is still a great hole, the multi-combo moves are not there anymore.   We practice for doing lots of combos at low water and then it turns into a wave/hole so we change up to more traditional moves, with the only combos being Blunt/McNasty for example.   Stephen and Nick both did them both ways and did them awesome!

10 men, 5 women, 10 juniors are still left in the field to be taken down to finals tonight.   

Top three men so far are:

Stephen Wright (New All-Star), Nick Troutman (2010 All-Star), EJ (2010 All-Star), Greg Parker (2010 All-Star)

top three women are:

Emily Jackson, Ruth Gordon, Adrienne Levenknett (sp)

Junior men-

Dane Jackson, Jason Craig, Michael Palmer

Today is the slalom race, which has happened here every year since 1953.    It is quite historical as far as Fibark goes.  It is also a unique situation.  4 men since 1953 have 4 Fibark Slalom Wins.    two of them aren’t here because they were racing in the 60’s, and 70’s and are really old now.    Corey Nielson is another one who has 4 wins but isn’t racing this year.    Scott Shipley has three wins and is here, and I  have 4 Wins and am racing.    if I can beat the stiff competition today in the slalom race, I’ll be the only Fibark paddler to have 5 wins.   i figured that out this morning while eating my Frosted Flakes and reading the FIBARK Program book.    My first run went well, as Isaac (beat me three times this year already) looped for a gate.  Shipley hit a gate at the bottom, while my run was pretty fast and clean.  I haven’t seen results to see if I am winning after first runs yet.   Second runs are still to come and since i haven’t trained for slalom since 1996, i don’t have as good of a feel for just how fast I can go and how fast the others can go.  All I can do is go as fast as I can.   I still feel pretty good about my racing and had some sweet lines, not missing any on my first run, That i could tell.

After the slalom race is the 2009 Foam Boat World Championships, brought to you by Jackson Kayak!  As I type this about 20 kids (and parents) are making their extreme racing and freestyle machines!  prizes are Cash and swag!    $100 for first in both the boatercross and the freestyle, and down from there.   The “Boat Ramp Creek” is racing and looks like a great level for this big comp.

After that major event, the Freeestyle picks up again with Semi-finals (cut from 10-5).  then the Hooligan Race and then the Finals(if they don’t get behind.)

See you there!