Kristine’s mom, Lorraine, reminded me that I haven’t put up the final FIBARK results, oops!     i am going to go off of memory.


Men’s Kayak pro-

Stephen Wright, Nick Troutman, Dustin Urban, EJ, Jed Selby, Clay Wright (top 6 paddled the 2010 All-Star)

Women’s pro-

Ruth Gordon, Emily Jackson, Kat, Adrienne, Nichole

C1 Men

Dane Jackson, Jordon Poffenburger, EJ, Jeremy Lauks, Jake

Junior Men Kayak

Dane Jackson, Jason Craig, Michael Palmer, Ben Peters, Cully Brown

Junior Women’s kayak

Taylor, Lauren

Cub Cadet women- Sage Donnely

cub Cadet men- Hayden vorhees

Cadet men- Evan Moore, Alec Vorhees, Paul Palmer

Slalom Racing


Nathan Davis, Scott Shiply, Nick ?, EJ


Jana Freeburn, Emily Jackson

this is all from memory, all good memories!  what a great event.  Sunday was Father’s day and my kids took good care of me!