Fibark was our last stop on the Colorado tour.    The 2010 All-Star took 1st-6th, and 8th place! and we only had 6 of them in the competion.   (Jed Selby borrowed mine and Clay’s)    This boat is rediculously good and easy to paddle and do tricks in.


We are out of sight of mountains, and will be in the flatlands all of the way to the cumberland Plataeu and home where they start again.    

My cracked feet and hands, and lower lip will heal in the humitity.   i will retire my long sleeve dry deck for the rest of the season and replace with short sleeve or “skin to win”.    snow covered mountains will be replaced with rolling hills, and thick forest, grassy fields, ponds, frogs, bass instead of trout, 80’s instead of 50’s-70’s for weather and the air will be plentiful for breathing.     am not saying i don’t love colorado, but I am saying that I am looking foward to being back east, my chosen part of world.    

My season has had lots of paddling so far, but also lots of work.    Now that I have my World Championships winning kayak ready to go,  i need to have my world championship winning self ready to go.   Thoughts are turning to training, and competing to win.     A week at home working on critical JK stuff, including production, R+D, sales, inventory, profitability, projections, etc. will be followed by a “blackout period” where I’ll dissapeaer for the most part, trimming my daily communications with the paddlers of the world down, and cutting the fat off my work day.     That time will be replaced with video review, stretching, training, etc. etc. .    With 4 World Championship titles over the past 16 years, I have had my sights set on 5 since Richard Fox and Jon Lugbill both hit that number in slalom.     Since it is a bi-annual event, it takes a long time to win 5, even if you do them back to back (10 years).    With paddlers like Nick Troutman, Stephen Wright,  etc. on the hunt for their first world’s win, it will be no easy task.   Stephen is on fire, as is Nick.   I haven’t had the chance to compete against or train with the Europeans, Japanese, but they will be formiddable too.    I took care of step one, making the winning boat.    yes, many of my strongest competitors will have it too.    At least i have one.    Step two will be to be ready, physically, mentally, technically.    many people have emailed me about training with me on the Ottawa from many countries.   I hope to do that from time to time but will focus on very small training groups, starting with Dane, Emily, Nick, Stephen, etc.    

Very exciting!  

here are some photos from Fibark…