We spent an afternoon and a morning getting all of the new Stars and All-stars loaded on the RV.  While some of the boats were being built I took these photos…   

The people in these photos are the world’s best.    If there was a world championships for building kayaks, i would enter my team and bet everything I have on them.  (wait a second, isn’t that what we do every day?!)   thanks everyone for being the best!

We did the drive to Canada, only to be turned around at the border for having too many kayaks on the RV.   It took about 5 hours to sort it out and thanks to Seth for getting a customs broker on the project and faxing us the needed papers to Watertown, NY.     There are happy kayakers who flew all of the way here to CAnada from all over the world to train and paddle the new All-star.   Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, England, USA, Canada and i am sure i am missing a few that were hand delivered their All-Stars.    I just switched to World’s Training Mode and am now wearing Red/White/and Blue…  my life Jacket is the Team USA Astral Willis (sweet- thanks Astral!) and my kayak is the new All-star in multi-color Red/White/Blue.

It gets me in the frame of mind of being an athlete and preparing for the showdown at Thun.   my training is only starting as i am getting ramped up and spent the past day with family and friends for Emily/Nick’s second reception. I took Kristine downt he river in a dynamic Duo, awesome!   Her first time in whitewater in 10 years!

Today Dane and I will hook up with Stephen Wright and Nick and do a river run on one of the channels.    My stomach is already sore (abs) from doing ten zillion clean blunts for practice two days ago.  

Barring catastrophe, i look foward to being in the best shape of my life in about 7 weeks!