Simon, the event organizer, has been doing a great job in preparing for the big event.     Last year’s world cup final here in Thun was standing room only and this year, he is building a much larger grandstand for the event.    It keeps getting better as the bar, with about 20 taps has been put up behind the stands, the judges stand (on the water in the center) is in great position, and the wave is even lit up at night for the 24/7 non-stop paddling action here.    i paddled at 4am this morning, but checked the wave at mid-night and 2am to see how many people were out there.   About 12-20 people paddling all night.    The line-up during the night hasn’t been too long, about 8 minutes in between rides, plenty of time to talk with others and watch a little before going again.    I think that it works better than team training where we have been getting about 5 or 6 rides in a short 30 minute team session (USA Team splits 1 hour session into two with 1/2 of the members in each group)

We have until Tuesday to complete our preparations for the event.   Already there are 35 countries training here and the possibility for one or two more that are just showing up.     This will be the best attended world’s yet, it looks like already, both on the spectator side and the number of countries.   

The skill levels at this worlds are higher than ever before as well with the depth of field being quite impressive in the main classes.

i paddled last night from 4am-6:45 am and then did team training from 8:30-9:00 am.     A short nap this morning as well as catching up with Lee Hart, and others and i can’t believe it is lunch time already and I am starving!   Got to run and eat- Look for some paddling photos by Stephen Wright soon…