1-kneeling-and-riding.jpgIt is August, 2009 and the World Championships opening ceremonies are this month!    i have had almost 5 years of reign as the current world champion, starting in January of 2005.  Once again, it is time to put it to the test.   Ruth Gordon will be defending her World Champion title, Emily will be going from Junior world champion, to senior class this year and wants to keep her top spot.    Dane has a silver medal from the last worlds and wants to move up the final rung if he can.   Nick got a bronze in the senior men’s class in 2007 and knows he has a shot at the top spot.  Stephen Wright has never had a world’s shot before and you can see that he is hungry for it and has had the best season in the USA in 2009 so far.    There are so many names to name, from the USA, Canada, and all over Europe, vying for the top honors at the 2009 world championships in Thun Switzerland.  It will be a huge event with Live TV, live webcasting, and over 200 countries covered by network tv.    I am quite excited, but the lights are still down, and the training is so far from the event site that sometimes you feel a sense of disconnect.   My connection is with Team JK here.   Three Swiss team members, three Irish, two Austrians, one Spanish, etc., etc.. all here to train, on top of the Team USA and Canada folks.   Everyone looks hungry as the chance at the title is up once again!  Like dropping chum in the middle of a group of hungry fish creating a feeding frenzy.   it makes for a fun scene.

Here are a few photos of the Jackson family taking a break from it all in our new kayak, the Riviera.  it is a fun sit on top that we have done a bunch of playing around in.