The “not so quiet” small town of Thun, Switzerland is about to undergo a transformation here at the site of the World Championships.   what is normally a quiet side street next to a covered bridge by the river, is about to become a loud, crazy, people choked section of town.   If you have never been to a Freestyle World Championships, it is one crazy party for the fans who trade training and competing, with parties, music, cheering, and other non-productive, but fun activities.    in order to create a little “Order” out of the madness, this year’s producer/organizer of the World Championships, Simon, is creating a huge set of grandstands that will be where many of the fans wake up in the morning, as well as get crazy during the competition.    Last year we saw what the French are capable of with only a dozen or so fans.  I have heard that we can expect at least 100 crazy French fans this year.   With over 35 countries competing, maybe as many as 40 or 50, the grand stands will be full and then the other side of the river, and the covered bridge.  

jackson Kayak is sponsoring the event and in particular the biggest party of the event, called the “Losers Party”.   Since the beginning of the world championships, the night before finals, when all but the top 5 paddlers in each class have been eliminated from the competition, the Losers Party has been a tradition.   i think the idea is that the top 5 get to go to finals, so the party is the night before finals to get the rest of the paddlers together for a party that the finalists can’t go to (if they are smart).     Since the Semi-Finals are at night, the Losers Party is usually already started in the stands, and then moves to the site of the concert, etc.

Simon has the Swiss Army here, as well as the Civil Protection service working on projects and setting up camp.  That would be like USA’s National Guard, I imagine.   

Mega-Sports is delivering Team USA, Team Japan, Team Canada, Sweden, Finland, Chile, and other’s boats here today.       i hope they’ll be here in a couple of hours, so that people can stop stressing about their boats, including me.

I’l try to show you what the site looks like as they build it up.  Should be cool!

Team Training Starts in two days!   That is when we can see who is paddling well!

See you later,