Sweet new 2010 Funs!In 2004 at Spring Splash here at NOC I brought 8 Fun 1’s here after working all night to assemble them.    that was the beginning of Jackson Kayak.  All 8 Fun 1’s were purchased at Spring Splash and history was made.   Milton Mann bought our first kayak ever here.   Today I have 7 mixed color (some really cool ones) 2010 Funs.  Today is the first day ever that you, the paddler, can buy one and take it home.    I will be at the front of the NOC store with one of them (rest will be in the store) and by tomorrow or Sunday, there will be 7 lucky people who got the first round of 2010 Funs.    If you haven’t seen them yet, awesome!    come check them out and paddle the Nanty or go over to the Ocoee.   Great weekend for paddling!

See you at GAF!