Making it to the top 10 in the Freestyle World Championships is a huge feat for anyone.  Making your national team is step one, and that is a biggie.   then making the top 30 cut from 104, and yesterday making the cut from 30 to 10.    Today the women and junior men have already done their respective Semi-final cuts and it was nervewrecking to watch as it is “anything can happen” day.   Emily and Dane both made the cut.  Now it is Daddy’s turn!

I have done 7 rides in this event so far and none have measured up to my better practice rides.   i have been paddling nervously, and not super confidently so far, but getting what i need to move on.    Today it is time to start putting rides down that are winning rides.   This is the hardest cut with only two rides, best one counts.    You can’t paddle back in the wave, so sticking every move is critical.      I was feeling a little bit like a fish out of water in this Swiss town, and walked to McDonalds for an All-American Quarter Pounder with Cheese Meal to make me feel like i am back in the states.   It is 7:38pm and my heat goes around 9pm in the dark, under the lights.   That makes for a fun semi-finals.  We have done that several times before, and with so many spectators, it is crazy loud, but you can’t see the crowd due to it being dark in the stands, and bright lights shining on the water.  

My goal for tonight is to throw my entire rountine on my first ride.  Helix Left, helix right, flip turn right, flip turn left, back pan am right, back stab left, air screw left, donkey flip left, blunt/mcnasty left, blunt/mcnasty right for 1,400+ points.   The wave is in between the ideal level and flushy, so it is all possible, but you have to focus on sticking every move, one at a time, but quickly too.  

My “volley pace” today will be fast enough to do one move into the next, but look for a good wave before throwing helixes, for example. 

right now the ramp contest is going on, and I am skipping it to be ready for my heat in one hour.  time to go and watch a little, then get dressed and go!   Wish me luck!