104 men from 32 countries competed today in the preliminary rounds.    The top guy was my son-in-law, Nick Troutman from Canada.   He was paddling his 2010 All-Star that is supposed to be Canadian colors (red/white) but it bled a little bit pink.  He doesn’t seem to mind.    His first ride was a 790, and then the final three rides went over 1,000 with his best ride being a 1,300!    Awesome!    What a great showing.     the top thirty people advance to the Quarter-Finals which don’t take place until Friday…   Tomorrow we start the prelims for the other classes, like women, juniors, c1, etc. .    What a huge gathering of paddlers and supporters.   The cheering today was crazy as the Irish break out into song before each athlete, followed by the crazy French in their singing and cheering, and drums.   Paula Troutman did a great job turning a garbage can into a drum, and brought cow bells, and other noise makers.     The Canadian team did a great job in cheering too, and there was plenty of noise for the USA paddlers.  

Results should be up in a few minutes, once the final heat is finished.  There are some good Swedish, French, Swiss, Japanese, etc. still left to go.    I am currently in 11th place, and can’t get knocked out by these two heats and will likely end up in 11-13th place.   That is a fine place to sit, with plenty of Gu Gu left for the next rounds.    Kristine was busy with ICF (international canoe federation) stuff today and I didn’t see her much.  KC is with me at the moment as we watch the last two heats.  it is dark out and the wave is well lit up.   What a big day!