NOC has a ton of Fun ready for you this weekend (pun intended).   Come and test out the 2010 Fun on the Nanty at GAF!   NOC will have boats ready for you to take home.   The debut at Gauley Festival was incredible as we had nothing but great feedback on our newest Fun design that will see a showroom floor for the first time on Friday at noon. 


This will be a great weekend for combining paddling, doing clinics, seeing the new 2010 Star Series and the 2010 Fun!    I am teaching a basic moves clinic on the wave at the store for anyone with a roll. I am also taking one person down the river in a Dynamic Duo on Sunday- NOC will determine who it is.  


Want a deal on a Jackson boat?  2007 Stars, Funs, and Rockers are only $799!   Sweet!


Meet me out in front of the store starting at noon on Friday.    My son Dane will also be there, and Joe Pulliam will be making a special appearance some time during the weekend too!  


See you at GAF!   Got to love the week of rain!   Cascades will likely run too!  Sweet!