I know many of you are waiting for the 2 Fun, and the 4 Fun boats to be ready… We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!    Looks like we’ll have the 2 Fun mold up and running by the 12 of November and the 4 Fun mold up by the 18th of November!  This means that you will want to get your order in for your boats before that if you want to be in the front of the line up.    I suggest getting a Multi-color as they are looking sweet!   You can either specify exactly what colors you want, or wait and see what you dealer gets.   If you want to actually be able to buy the boat your dealer is getting in stock, you’ll need to get your name on it or it will be sold before it arrives.     It costs an extra $50 to custom order your boat, but worth it….  

we don’t have names for the colors, these are just what I call them.  you have to ask for specific colors and where you want them.    For the record, your boat will not look like you asked for, exactly, and you don’t get your money back if it isn’t just how you hoped.    This is not an exact science, and i recommend being very open to being surprised.  Otherwise, just pick your favorite off the shelf.

Some of my favorites-  Spider Man (Blue.Red/Black, red, blue)  very cool

Sunny times- Orange, yellow, red

Green storm- Black, Green, white

Green Goth- Black red/green, black red

Some standards that always look cool- purple, white, black—–    red/black mix—–   red/white/blue—- red/yellow—- white/black mix

We have a container order that is going in for our largest customer in England- Square Rock this week.  He is going to be the first person with a big 2 Fun and 4 Fun order.    the pump is primed for making these boats so we’ll likely be going 24 hours/day on them in the beginning to assure you don’t have to wait too long.   it is still nice out in TN….  Swimming pool sesssions start soon elsewhere.   

If you have the old Fun, 2 Fun, or 4  Fun- you’ll want to get the new one for sure.  If you have another river/running playboat design… you’ll be blown away when you try these!!!   Look for a video showing the Funs in action soon once we finish filming it!