Dane, Emily, Clay, Tara, and Nick were all packed up their weekend at the Russell Fork and about to drive away when I noticed the perfect sunset about to take place in fields in my back yard.    i grabbed a duve’, a couple of pillows, bottle of wine, bottle of milk, some dinner and snacks for KC, and jumped in the Landcruiser and drove up to the back corner of our property where the sun sets last.    Rocksey joined in and KC had a great time playing in the grass.   There are a particuarly large amount of Wolf Spiders in the grass right now and they kept running accross the blanket.   Rocksey never let them near KC, not that they are dangerous or anything anyhow.    I attempted to take some photos at first but the lens isn’t working right so we just hung out in the 75 degree weather and watched the sun go down, ate some raisons, and snacks, and the moon came up.    KC did a good job driving the truck to the spot, and learned what Moon means.   If you say, “KC where is the moon?” he’ll point to it now.   I tried to get him to do that for bats too, but the darn things move so fast.     I wish Kristine and the rest of my kids could have been there as the final days of enjoying an evening on a blanket outside are coming to an end fast.   Winter is on the way.     Three more days of being Mr. Mom.    Not bad.



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