gaf-and-baa-040.jpgLast year during the ceremony inducting me into the International Whitewater Hall of Fame held at NOC,  I was given a nice looking ale, and told that it was for me.   I am a big ale drinker and took a sip and was impressed and asked what it was.  I have been drinking Bass Ale and Newcastle for over 20 years, and have also been drinking tons of the newer microbrewery stuff lately, like Fat Tire, Flying Dog, Oscar’s, Magic Hat #9, etc..   Waiting to be told about a new microbrew, instead I was told it was the new Budweiser American Ale.   No kidding?!   I was immediatey struck by the realization that the stars had aligned.   i have been trying to get a Budweiser Sponsorship since my first attempt in 1984, about every year with no luck.    As my tastes grew into the darker beers I stopped asking.     Now, they have just the beer I want.   Sweet!  

So what does it mean?   It means that I can introduce you to it on tour next season, or you can have a frosty mug the next time you are by from my kegerator.