KC getting his Vitamin C

KC getting his Vitamin C

Kristine left at 1pm on Thursday. By 2 pm KC has already been stung by a bee, or two, or three, making his ear look like a dish antenna. By 3pm he has already fallen 1/2 way down a flight of stairs. Thanks to Emily that he only went 1/2 way. Emily began looking for ways to protect him from further damage with her full face helmet. KC prefers the feeling of freedom and refuses to wear it. I have three more full days, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, before Kristine arrives home on Monday to assumes her role of keeping KC alive and safe again. Last night was a good night for KC after a rocky start. He ate dinner, watched the movie Patton with Nick, Emily, Dane, and I, got a shower with me and went to sleep in my bed, and slept until 4am. Kristine made me promise I wouldn’t put him in the crib since i can’t hear him when he wakes up. He wasn’t bad to sleep with, if you like being kicked in the head ever few minutes. I turned him around, and pushed him to the side, but he likes being in close, and then sticking his fingers in your ears, pulling your hair, or just kicking to make sure you are there. This morning I gave him an orange and he seemed to like it. No bother peeling it as he loves eating like an apple.

1 KC loves eating oranges wholeNotice the ears. good news is that he woke up with a normal ear today.


 I just put him to sleep and Dane will watch him as I go to the factory.

KC is a cool kid, and I can see the brilliance, motivation, and love for life in him already. He’ll be a good person in this world.


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