1 busy house1 child torture1 Dane at breakfast1 Dane at 151 Dad watching1 crazy kids1 emily surfing1 Emily at the lake1 Ej with kids at the rope swing1 EJ crossing the field1 Ej and Dane in Duo1 EJ and Dane below sieve city1 Ej air guitar1 Dane with KC1 Dane throwing1 Dane surfing rock island1 Dane seal launching at 101 Dane on falls1 dane frisbee1 Dane doing school1 our first JK RV1 off to the river1 Mother daughter1 morning1 goofing off1 Frisbee golf1 Family photo 20041 Family coming home1 Emilys dog rupert1 walking out2 pinball2 EJ cooking breakfast2 Ej at the factoryCorey Rich has been to my house for a couple of photo shoots over the years.   Fun times jumping off the rope swing, paddling, playing whatever.   Looking back, here are a few images, thanks to Corey…2 chess2 checking out the ice2 running partners