i truly love Rock Island, TN. Great weather, great water, beautiful location, great people, perfect place for Jackson Kayak, and super easy access to paddling every day. Since i have been home we have not been training for anything in particular, just goofing off doing some weird stuff. We have been doing a ton of hand paddling, and doing lots of cartwheel games, like “see how many ends you can get in 60 seconds, like the old days.” We play “pig” and do crazy entry moves, like my “phoenix- rise from the ashes” where you enter the hole upside down and backwards and use your hands to lift the stern out of the water so the hole will loop you up right. The top wave and the 3rd wave have been good fun as well in the new All-Star. No other playboat has been fast enough to make it fun before. We are getting airscrews, clean blunts, etc. on the top wave now, a first.

We did lose a very close friend in the river, Brave Wave. Something moved in the last flood. By the time we got home the water was running 24/7 and we couldn’t go to the river and see if there was a way to fix it. Now we have 8 hours/day where the river isn’t running and we’ll have to see what we can do to get it back. i am confident that a rock moved from upstream into the trough. The Falls and Sieve city are the same.

With all of us here this winter, we’ll have to see what we can do to fix Brave Wave, because that thing is just too awesome to let go.

Meanwhile we are getting some great sessions in the main hole and top waves. I think we’ll have a great water year this year, so plenty of high water action.

Looks like another 70+ degree day for paddling!